Mission Statement

The Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter cares for injured or orphaned birds. We provide minimum medical care, safety from predators, food and shelter from the elements. When an animal is able to care for itself, it is released to the wild. We do not keep nonreleasable animals nor use heroic methods to sustain the quality of their life. However, the Shelter does make every effort to rehabilitate an endangered species and every animal brought here is treated with respect and caring.

Support our Shelter

We receive no federal or state funding.
The Sea Biscuit relies on donations from the Town of Oak Island, individuals and private businesses. To support the rehabilitation of wild birds, field studies and educational programs, reach us by phone 910-278-7871 or email: seabiscuitshelter@yahoo.com
Send mail to 1638 East Beach Dr, Oak Island, NC 28465

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In Sept, we released 7 of 8 baby pelicans left as orphans on Okracoke by Hurricane Arthur. All were self sufficient fish catchers and flew beautifully. Since there was no migrating adult role model for them to follow, 5 were released at Murrells Inlet in South Carolina.
BUT...in the last few days, 5 inexperienced hatch year pelicans arrived at the shelter. These new juveniles all were tangled up in fishing line. Three of them had clearly migrated to our area from beaches further north. The next cycle will be pelicans who didn't migrate and developed frostbite!