Mission Statement

The Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter cares for injured or orphaned birds. We provide minimum medical care, safety from predators, food and shelter from the elements. When an animal is able to care for itself, it is released to the wild. We do not keep nonreleasable animals nor use heroic methods to sustain the quality of their life. However, the Shelter does make every effort to rehabilitate an endangered species and every animal brought here is treated with respect and caring.

Support our Shelter

We receive no federal or state funding.
The Sea Biscuit relies on donations from the Town of Oak Island, individuals and private businesses. To support the rehabilitation of wild birds, field studies and educational programs, reach us by phone 910-278-7871 or email: seabiscuitshelter@yahoo.com
Send mail to 1638 East Beach Dr, Oak Island, NC 28465

Find us online at


On behalf of the over 300 birds that were treated here at the shelter we’d like to recognize those who make it happen….we appreciate every single one of you!

Friends David & Penny Conners, Margaret Delbridge, John Ennis, Nancy Hahn, Michael & Wendy Hicks, Carolyn Pryor, Peggy Rowan, Edwin & Wanda Turlington, Arlene Van Sallsbury, Marcia Wentworth

Sponsors Ave Armstrong, Brenda Behr, Cynthia Corcoran, Elizabeth P Flint, Ellen Huffman-Zechman, MD, Donald & Sharon Irons, Sherryl Janosko, Donna Jansen, Little Lambs Preschool, Cary Paynter, Jeanne Provencher, Cornelia C Rogers, Gretchen Schramm, Judith Scott, Arthur & Linda Seifert, Aileen Wu Viorel.

Patrons Jane Boyce, Ruby Calhoun, Ginger DeLario, Shep & Pete Foley, Nancy Gillen, Amanda Hall, Carol Hasty, Miles & Megan Highsmith, Herb & Laura Grosch Jackson, Thomas Kuzenko, Elizabeth Lytton, Jo O’Keefe, David Scanlon, Cathy Skipper,

Corporate Oak Island Beach Preservation Society, Hat Creek Cattle (Richard &Roseanne Fortner), PawsAbility, Cape Fear Audubon Society, Hope From Helen, Oak Island Lions Club

Dave Schade, Joe Dorner, Sandra Palmer, Steve Edwards, Fred Foster and the Wounded Warriors spent many hours installing wiring and a well. Nick Rouns and his family, Chris Atack and his family built bird housing and installed flooring in the new shed.

Those who donated goods, services and talent Martyn Hawkins, Naomi & Bob Martin, Carolyn Pryor, Gary Saxon, Mary McDaniel, Dawn Olmstead, Jenny Peterson, Rick & Dinah Rucker, David & Catherine Smith, Ruth Snarr, Jim Stoddard, Jack & Emily Wallace, Clarence Wishart, Marty & Linda Wright, Ellen Zechman, Tammi Smith and Gary Green

Volunteers Hours of Service in Clinic, Transport and Fishing! Diane Butzin, Linda Carver, Anne Corrao, Warren Crane, Nancy Fahey, Jim and Karen Freeze, Nancy Gillen, Andrew Gould, Gus Grosch, Carol Hasty, Jane Kulesza, Erin Kirley, Janet Kurz, Micah Kurzer, Naomi Martin, Amelia Mason, Barbara McLane, Jack Nelson, Greg and Lydia Rowan, Michelle Rowan

We are especially grateful for the donated services of Dr. Alyssa Travis of River Rd Animal Hospital and to Dr. Flint King of Oak Island Animal Hospital.