Mission Statement

The Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter cares for injured or orphaned birds. We provide minimum medical care, safety from predators, food and shelter from the elements. When an animal is able to care for itself, it is released to the wild. We do not keep nonreleasable animals nor use heroic methods to sustain the quality of their life. However, the Shelter does make every effort to rehabilitate an endangered species and every animal brought here is treated with respect and caring.

Support our Shelter

We receive no federal or state funding.
The Sea Biscuit relies on donations from the Town of Oak Island, individuals and private businesses. To support the rehabilitation of wild birds, field studies and educational programs, reach us by phone 910-278-7871 or email: seabiscuitshelter@yahoo.com
Send mail to 1638 East Beach Dr, Oak Island, NC 28465

Find us online at


New arrivals aren't always identifiable! They are pretty cute and often hungry. The baby owl has been sent to a raptor center for hunting and flight training school. As soon as we can figure out what the other guys are, we'll give them the appropriate environment too. At this stage of their lives, we can keep them warm and clean. They get a nutritious diet with added vitamins and calcium several times a day.
Photos by Gus Grosch.